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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Flat Bobby in Holland

Hello everyone,

Here is a letter from Flat Bobby , came to Holland for a few days, and spend my time with Barbera and Joel Splinter, i’ve told all the story’s from the county’s i’ve been so far, and from the school i’ve come from, and they like every piece of it.
They like so visit our school some time, to see what a great place it is!

Now i’ve been with Barbera and Joel and, you know? , i’ve a great time overhere, it’s school-holiday, and the parents from Barbera and Joel take us to all the beautiful places in Holland.

I’m staying in their home that’s in Alphen aan den Rijn, that a small city near by Leiden and Amsterdam, and about 20 km from the coast (nordsea).

And you know, a lot of holland is under the sea-surface, so they must build dykes to keep their feet dry.
Everbody knows holland from the flowers, wooden shoes and mills, well the first and last you see a lot here, but i’m now almost a week overhere and i’ve seen not a single wooden shoe!!, Barbera told me that some farmers still wear them …but no farmers here ;).

Holland have a sea-climate, so the summers are not that warm and the winters not that cold, but rain…yes plenty of that!!, now it’s about 4 degrees celsius.

A few days ago , i ‘ve visit a real windmill in Woubrugge, it’s a water-mill, so the mill pumps the water from a lower field to a higher canal, it was amazing to see this thing works, and that for almost 150 year and still working pfff he should be tired right now..

Also we went to the stormvloedkering (pff thats a nasty dutch word…ask your teacher they know everything ;)), this is a special kind of dyke, it standing right open, but if it storms, it’s closing automaticly, so there’s no connection with the sea anymore, this stormvloedkering is in zeeland this is the lowest part of holland on the sea-side.
I’ll watch the news last night to see what is going on in the U.S, but i heard that the queen overhere is in the hospital (nothing bad!1), yes theve got a royal family overhere, and they named from orange (van oranje), i’ve put some pictures with yhis little story.

Now i must go to bed from the daddy from Barbera!!, better do what he says…

See you Bobby


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