Name: Amber
Location: New Hampshire, United States

These are the adventures of Flat Bobby. Flat Bobby is a close cousin of Flat Stanley. Flat Bobby has been sent out to several people all around the world. He will be back home safely with me by February 2nd and will be on display for my school's Open House in the Spring.

If you would like to invite Flat Bobby into your home, please read the Bobby's letter and let me know. This is my school project.

If you would like to participate by downloading a Flat Bobby clone and taking him on a jouney, please feel free to do so. I got the offical rule that Flat Bobby is allowed to travel through the internet.

Thank you!



Flat Bobby's visa has been extended. He is still free to travel the world!! We are currently seeking hosts in Africa and South America. If you are willing to host Flat Bobby, please let us know.

Thank you!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Flat Bobby Up A Tree

Flat Bobby Up A Tree, originally uploaded by Foxicat.

Flat Bobby saw a strange-looking tree on the way back to the car and just had to climb it.

This is a Palo Verde tree; Palo Verde means ‘green stick’ in Spanish. The green stems and bark of Palo Verde make it easy to identify but more importantly allow it to persist in the desert environment. Palo Verde trees are drought deciduous and thus shed their leaves during extended dry spells. The Palo Verde has the characteristic of performing photosynthesis in its bark (hence the green color), and this is what allows it to survive after it has shaved its leaves in hotter periods. The Palo Verde is the state tree of Arizona.


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