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These are the adventures of Flat Bobby. Flat Bobby is a close cousin of Flat Stanley. Flat Bobby has been sent out to several people all around the world. He will be back home safely with me by February 2nd and will be on display for my school's Open House in the Spring.

If you would like to invite Flat Bobby into your home, please read the Bobby's letter and let me know. This is my school project.

If you would like to participate by downloading a Flat Bobby clone and taking him on a jouney, please feel free to do so. I got the offical rule that Flat Bobby is allowed to travel through the internet.

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Flat Bobby's visa has been extended. He is still free to travel the world!! We are currently seeking hosts in Africa and South America. If you are willing to host Flat Bobby, please let us know.

Thank you!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

WE got Boots but we need to shop for a bigger hat,however this one will do for now

`In Nevada the buckaroos wear high top boots and short chink chaps. Now that is prounounced shaaaaaaaps.

In Montana they wear long chaps, and neither of these are to be confused with the glittery, long fringed chaps worn by the rodeo cowboy.
Boot tops are most always decorated quite fancy with different color leather, and stitching. Heels are stacked leather, and a good boot has a pegged arch, they have to be tough!! Guess that is where the old saying comes from "Tough as a Boot!!"

We do have to find Bobby a bigger hat. Down in this country many of the cowboys where what I call a Gaucho Hat, it is flat brimmed and flat topped, woven straw. I love them, catch a picture of one when ever I can.

On this one Bobby has a horse hair braided hat band, these are made from hair of the horses mane and tail and are very very strong. Horse hair braiding is a real art and there are competitions for cowboys who still do it. Braided horse hair is strong enough to even be used for a lasso.

Cowgirl with a gaucho hat, hers is not the flat brim like most of the guys wear, but you can see the beautiful woven straw.


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