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Friday, January 06, 2006

Looking up at the cave from the road our Parting Shot of the Lovelock Cave

Amber I sure don't know how long it is going to rain, only God knows the answer to that question.

So far here at our house we are not concerned with flooding. However in Reno about 120 miles south west of us the Truckee River is flooding. There are several bridges closed in downtown Reno. It flooded in Reno, New Years 9 years ago.

There is no way we would be going to the Lovelock Cave today either, as we are getting a lot of rain also, and the road may be getting pretty muddy in some places. It is a good thing we went on Christmas Day, and didn't wait until New Year's Day.

Thank you for telling me what grad you are in Amber, so I am guessing you are 7 or 8 years old.

I don't know how many birds there are on the sink, however due to it being a pretty good little lake this winter there are possibly several hundred.

I love Nevada, a lot of people don't. When they look out across my beautiful landscape all they see is nothing, and I see something and a beauty all it's own, that is the difference.

Yes, this is one of the openings that goes into the Lovelock Cave.
Flat Bobby wasn't scared at all, he is a very brave young man, and a good hiker.
Bobby and I would liked to have gone into the cave, but I didn't want Nickey my dog to get in there and get down somewhere we could not get him back out. So we will try to do that another day.

Amber, the cave is no longer very far into the mountain. You can only go right in a very small area behind Bobby. To you and me it would probably seem big, but it is no longer the large size it once was.
You had also asked what kind of rock it is at the cave, I believe it is mostly limestone.

Amber where I live is called the high desert, as it is most times as dry as the desert of the south west United States, however we are much higher. Our house is at 4400 feet above sea level, so we are much colder in the winter than the SW desert is, and we do have snow.

Amber I hope I have addressed all your questions.

Lovelock Cave is a very distinctive feature on the mountain side and can be seen very well from Interstate 80 way across the sink, when you know where to look.


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