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Flat Bobby

by Amber

Name: Amber
Location: New Hampshire, United States

These are the adventures of Flat Bobby. Flat Bobby is a close cousin of Flat Stanley. Flat Bobby has been sent out to several people all around the world. He will be back home safely with me by February 2nd and will be on display for my school's Open House in the Spring.

If you would like to invite Flat Bobby into your home, please read the Bobby's letter and let me know. This is my school project.

If you would like to participate by downloading a Flat Bobby clone and taking him on a jouney, please feel free to do so. I got the offical rule that Flat Bobby is allowed to travel through the internet.

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Flat Bobby's visa has been extended. He is still free to travel the world!! We are currently seeking hosts in Africa and South America. If you are willing to host Flat Bobby, please let us know.

Thank you!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Flat Bobby's Risky Behavoir.....and yes we were the only ones there and it is a awesome view with water in the Humboldt Sink

Amber do you remember that rock??

On our way back down Flat Bobby displayed just how calm it was on Christmas Day 2005. Not a whisper of a breeze, or he would have toppled down, and most Nevada days the breeze is most welcome, especially in the summer.

Can you tell I LOVE where I live, and I haven't seen it all yet!

Nickey headed up the trail to Lovelock Cave, Happy Furry Friday

It is a pretty steep trail in some places, when I started down I wished I had my walking stick!

Nickey was one reason I didn't go into the cave besides it being rather cold in there. He ran in there once, and I didn't like it he is small enough to get into trouble. Last thing I wanted was an animal rescue on Christmas Day.

Zooming in on the sink from on the trail quite a bit of water this winter

There is quite a bit of water fowl on the Humboldt Sink this winter, geese and ducks. We could hear the shots of the hunters while we were at the Lovelock Cave.

Amber I would like to know what grade you are in school.

View of the Humboldt Sink from up the trail

Lovelock Cave in Nevada is south of Lovelock, Nevada about 20 miles.
So that makes it about 40 miles from our house.

Looking out over the Humboldt Sink

I could let you believe that I was down in the cave, however if I had been I could not see this. There was this very nice large gap in this very large rock, that served me well.

Peering in at the dirt floor of a larger opening

Another view up the trail

Looking down the trail to the Lovelock Cave

Peering in at another opening

Flat Bobby in front of another opening at the Lovelock Cave

Amber I am sure there are still bats in the cave, they can get into very small places, and way back in there where people can no longer go.

Peering in one of the openings at Lovelock Cave