Flat Bobby

The Travels
Flat Bobby

by Amber

Name: Amber
Location: New Hampshire, United States

These are the adventures of Flat Bobby. Flat Bobby is a close cousin of Flat Stanley. Flat Bobby has been sent out to several people all around the world. He will be back home safely with me by February 2nd and will be on display for my school's Open House in the Spring.

If you would like to invite Flat Bobby into your home, please read the Bobby's letter and let me know. This is my school project.

If you would like to participate by downloading a Flat Bobby clone and taking him on a jouney, please feel free to do so. I got the offical rule that Flat Bobby is allowed to travel through the internet.

Thank you!



Flat Bobby's visa has been extended. He is still free to travel the world!! We are currently seeking hosts in Africa and South America. If you are willing to host Flat Bobby, please let us know.

Thank you!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Flat Bobby, Monitor Tech

Flat Bobby, Monitor Tech, originally uploaded by Foxicat.

Flat Bobby took a turn watching patient's heart rhythms (Some of the upper tracings in the individual sections look distorted because I had to hide the names). He turned the chair back over to Angela, and was relieved he wasn't on duty when one of the heart rates suddenly dropped into the 30's, then 20's; average heart rates are 60-80. As he watched over Angela's shoulder he saw the rhythm line change to a flat line. Then there were lots of people and noise as a "code blue" was called on the patient. He found out later they resuscitated the patient successfully!

flat bobby + esther's flowers

esther17 demanded proof that her photo was on my desktop. Flat Bobby was glad to help. Well, he had no choice--I taped him to the monitor.

Flat Bobby in the far north

Flat Bobby in the far north, originally uploaded by salgal.

if you look closely in the background you'll see a group of bred mares eating hay

Flat Bobby on our mantle

Flat Bobby on our mantle, originally uploaded by salgal.

look closely on the star, here he is, this steer head came off a steer that died during the horrible winter season of 96-97 in North Dakota

Indian rock and Bobby

Indian rock and Bobby, originally uploaded by salgal.

we found this amazing Indian rock when we broke ground for our new house in 1998, welcome to North Dakota Bobby, the best kept secret of the whole United States, I wish you could stay and watch our new babies foals being born, but that won't be until April and May, it's much too harsh a winter to foal outside here in the winter.

Flat Bobby in Raleigh, North Carolina

flat bobby
Flat Bobby arrived today! He gets to go to work with me tomorrow. What an adventure! He gets to learn why being a grown-up sucks!

flat bobby climbs a tree
Well, OK, he didn't actually climb it. I put him there.

chris is thrilled to meet flat bobby
Chris is also known as natmaconjr .

flat bobby   esther's flowers
esther17 demanded proof that her photo was on my desktop. Flat Bobby was glad to help. Well, he had no choice--I taped him to the monitor.

flat bobby does raleigh
... disguised as Tony The Newsagent (he didn't want to be recognized.)It's been a very foggy day.

flat bobby gets a tat
Nah, just kidding. He didn't have any money and I certainly wasn't going to pay for it.

flat bobby visits the acorn
Raleigh has chosen the acorn as its symbol, because the city's motto is